Alunno Immobiliare, from 1950 your house in Cortona

We are specialist in properties for sale in Cortona and surroundings. Our properties’ list includes more than seventy buildings divided into the following categories:

  • Villas
  • Lands
  • Historic houses
  • Farmhouses
  • Apartments

For each property a detailed card with photos, description of the building and references for further inquiries. A search engine allows you to search by type, location and price range.

The real estate brokerage and trading services

Our real estate agency has been trading for over fifty years with courtesy, professionalism and deep knowledge of the real estate market of Cortona and Tuscany. The services range from consultancy and brokerage in the activity of sale to the estimate of properties and lands for business advices and technical fiscal and legal assistance.

Apart from the negotiations for the purchase, we offer advices for any restorations and renovations. In addiction we offer the possibility of renting villas, cottages and apartments in the historic centre for short periods also.

Alunno Immobiliare - CONSULTING

A fifteenth century building, in the historical center of Cortona.

Alunno Immobiliare, managed by dott. Paolo Alunno, owner of a construction company for more than 20 years, still offers consulting and assistance about restorations, renovations, and special painting decorations, committed to the decorator Silena Gallorini, owner of the company DecorArt

Silena Gallorini is considered by critics to be the most recent heir to the local school of decorative painting. She was born in Castiglion Fiorentino but has lived for many years near the medieval city of Cortona, renowned as an Etruscan centre, in the central Italian province of Tuscany.

Having studied painting for many years, she had the good fortune of meeting one of the most famous Cortona's painters, with whom is identified, and works within the centuries-old tradition of the Cortonese School of decorative artists.

Through her work with Lucani, Silena developed a passion for this art form with which she now brightens and enriches so many different interiors.

The artist’s decisive approach to her subject, characterised by great technical skill, is softened by resonances from the past through her drawing on traditional approaches to colour composition. The themes of Silena’s decorative work demonstrate great sensitivity to the ambience in which they are to be created. In 2005 Silena formed her own company “DecorArt”.