A fifteenth century building, in the historical center of Cortona.

In the fifties, immediately after the war, Mr. Giovanni Alunno decided to start in Cortona a business of recovering and restoring old buildings, bringing them to a good standard of habitability again. Many people, at that time, were eager to get a first home in Cortona. As the years went by, the beauty of Cortona began to gain fame not only in Europe but also worldwide and in the sixties and seventies some major foreign companies began to invest in our territory, acquiring farm houses that were abandoned by the children of migrant farmers who were seeking fortune abroad in the big industrial cities

Mr. Alunno was chosen for his experience and farsightedness as the sole agent for the territory of Cortona of several major companies, like Cuendet specialized in luxury villas in Tuscany.

In the seventies the founder was joined by his son Paolo, nowadays a known businessman and owner of several glamorous resorts in Cortona, like Hotel San Michele and Relais Borgo San Pietro. He was able to improve his custom that became quickly international for the overwhelming majority.